Is Brain Abundance A Scam??

BA Image

I really did try to get involved with MLM’s (Multi-Level Marketing), but the work involved was insanely difficult. Not only that, but most of the people you tried engaging the business idea with already knew about the product two years prior. Yes, I got in two years too late. It’s no secret, it was Skinny Body Care and I sucked at it!

Now, I guess you can say that I went through the MLM boot-camp, or the MLM wringer, and I did. But, all that did was prepare for the hardest climb, and to handle rejection better. It’s taken many failed attempts with marketing, for me to settle down, cool down and get the “Greed” out of my eyes.

I’ve learned a lot. Then, I stumbled across a new company: Brain Abundance. I have a website favorite that tracks the popularity of MLM’s and Brain Abundance was climbing up fast. It’s not even “Live” yet, it’s in Pre-launch which is even better because you can lock in your position. I can feel the excitement already. With Skinny Body Care, I enrolled NO ONE in a whole month. With Brain Abundance, I already have FIVE enrollees in FOUR days. Do you know why? Because it’s HOT, NEW, and their autoresponder emails lock people in by saying, “You don’t want so and so to leapfrog you and take all the commissions, do you?” Etc. Etc.

Here’s a great video that explains it in more detail. I hope you consider Brain Abundance.